For you

For you
This is to give you an idea of the life of me and you can ask me anything from tips and tricks on pro-ana to asking advice I hope in a small way my blog shows you how not to live your life and to me you are all perfect.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

about me

Hi my name is Darcey i am 13 years old and i am not gonna turn this into a sob story so i will shorten it. Basically i have no friends I have tried to commit suicide this year because people bully me and oh and I'm fat. I started dieting to show that I have self control and I'm not fat but it doesn't help. My top weight was 12.9 stone (huge i know) my goal weight is 7 stone and my ultimate goal weight is 6 stone. I'am on a diet called the ABC diet (ana boot camp) with my amazing friend Annie it is hard work but im getting there. I will keep updating my blog to update you on how crap my life is. 

your truly 


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