For you

For you
This is to give you an idea of the life of me and you can ask me anything from tips and tricks on pro-ana to asking advice I hope in a small way my blog shows you how not to live your life and to me you are all perfect.

(only if your interested) More about me

Just so you all know I don't think I've told anybody my life story and how I truly feel so your lucky. A few months after I was born my dad divorced my mum so my mum my brother and me moved to Scotland. When I started school I only had one friend her name was Carla, her and I were outcasts and not many people liked us and were not nice to us. My mum decided to take a job back in England so we packed up and left. I then went to a private school called Malsis which was full of posh snobs who picked on me for my accent  and once again I only had one friend called Eva  . This was when I started to realise how many people disliked me.I soon left Malsis and went to a normal school called Lothersdale primary. I loved my first year I had a few friends and was happy. In year five a girl called Charlotte joined our school and she took an instant dislike to me and made it her job to make my life hell. She succeeded she turned everyone against me and invited my best ever friend to her birthday party and made fun of me and called me names though I don't know what my friend refused to tell me.I was so happy when year six came so I could leave that school. The school I wanted to go to had an entry exam so when I passed I was shocked and over the moon until I heard that Charlotte was also going to the same school.Even though we didn't have lessons together her and her friends still tortured me.It started off snide comments that didn't bother me so much then she made fun of my weight and called me double decker Darcey, and worse. I never used to be self concious of my weight until that bitch came along. I'm a comfort eater so I struggled and gained more weight.So one day I woke up went downstairs and opened a new packet of paracetamol.Next thing I knew I was driving to the hospital to get my stomach pumped.I came home content on changing myself and started crash diets, I also self harm to punish myself I also found out my dad is a cheating bastard he cheated on my mum and mum step mum I hope him his new girlfriend and her daughter enjoy there new life.

yours truly