For you

For you
This is to give you an idea of the life of me and you can ask me anything from tips and tricks on pro-ana to asking advice I hope in a small way my blog shows you how not to live your life and to me you are all perfect.

Finding each other

To find each other there is a simple thing to do bracelets.

ANA is red
MIA is blue

These beaded bracelets are the accoutrements of those living the pro-ana/pro-mia lifestyle, an underground movement that promotes self-starvation and/or bingeing/purging. Ana is short foranorexia, and mia is short for bulimia.

The bracelets are worn so that those who are pro ana/mia are able to recognize one another, to show that they are proud anorexics and/or bulimics, and to offer encouragement to lose weight, aka "thinspiration."

Many anas wear the red beaded bracelets on their left wrists; some wear them on the wrist of the hand they use to eat with as a constant reminder to resist hunger.

Mias wear the blue beaded bracelet on their right wrists.

The ana bracelets are distinguished by their silver dragonfly clasps, as seen in the photo above, and many pro anas refer to themselves as "Dragonflies." Dragonflies consider anorexia a lifestyle choice, as well as a badge of honour.

Anytime you see someone wearing a red beaded bracelet, capture their eye contact and point to your bracelet, and if they return the same point to theirs ... then they are ED friendly. If not, then its just someone whom is wearing one.

this is mine.