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For you
This is to give you an idea of the life of me and you can ask me anything from tips and tricks on pro-ana to asking advice I hope in a small way my blog shows you how not to live your life and to me you are all perfect.

Tips and Tricks on pro-ana

The most important of tips is the intake of water. Even when hungry, water fills the stomach and eases up purging. The best type of water to take is warm water as it fills more than one that is cold. When starting, cold water is preferred in that it lowers the body temperatures therefore more energy will be required to keep it warm; hence burning up the calories. This is the one of the most effective and reliable pro ana tips and tricks. Another tip that should be accompanied by a lot of water intake is frequent chewing of sugar free gums. This helps kill food craving, chewing burns calories, the mouth is kept full hence lessens the chances of binging and keeps the breath fresh.

The best of friends of pro ana tips are coffee and tea. These should be taken without milk or cream but only an artificial sweetener-like honey. The two contain no calories and the caffeine presents increases the rates of metabolism. Before swallowing food, chew it thoroughly a couple of times so that you get used to it as a mere object. Per bite, take a sip of water to feel full faster. This is because the body may confuse thirst for hunger; hence, the two must always go hand in hand. If you have a craving for something, do not try and stay away from it. Instead, eat by chewing it a number of times then spit it out. Then, rinse your mouth and take more water to prevent ingesting any calories.

Never eat any food that you do not know how many calories it contains. It’s best to keep a diary of the foods being taken and the amount of weight being lost, as well as the inches. Anytime a desire for eating comes up, exercise for at least fifteen minutes to revert that attention. To reach your goal and to give encouragement to yourself, buy a pair of very expensive dress or jeans that is a size or two smaller. This is one of the best pro ana tips and tricks that will give you the morale even if all the rest fail you. This encourages one to eat less so that they are able to fit on the clot. In addition, diet pills can supplement the program as well as fasting. Fasting cleanses the skins, makes hair grow longer, brightens the eyes and reduces the tummy. Lastly, make sure that you do not eat before retiring to sleep; it ought to be at least 4 hours before.