For you

For you
This is to give you an idea of the life of me and you can ask me anything from tips and tricks on pro-ana to asking advice I hope in a small way my blog shows you how not to live your life and to me you are all perfect.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

I'm rubbish

sorry guys im rubbish but i'll update you on how i'm doing. Well recently i met a guy so ive been fasting and purging loads so i look good when I see him again (if I see him again). I like him hes nice and says im pretty and slim so im trying really hard for him. Socially im not doing much better someone told me how ugly i looked on my facebook profile picture so I deleted the picture in a rage, is it just me or are girls bitches anyway it seems im more mia than ana at the minute. I am a F A I L U R E. I'm still gonna lose weight and it was great because the other day someone said i looked really slim and have lost loads of weight :) wish me luck.

with love
Darcey xoxoxoxo